Letterpress Envelopes

Available in square or extended “Euro” flaps. Custom colors from Colorplan or Gmund are also available.


  • These envelopes are letterpress printed just like the cards. The Strathmore envelopes are an excellent match to both the Strathmore and the Somerset cards.

  • If you are getting Lettra cards, then obviously, order the Lettra envelopes. Note: Lettra A-7 “Plus” is only available with a V-flap, but matching A-7’s and 4-Bars with V-flap are available.

  • The A-7 envelopes are used for the 5 x 7 invitations. If you order the A-7 Envelopes for the “inner” envelope and the A-7″Plus” for the outer envelope, the inner A-7 will be ungummed. If ordered by themselves with no other “outer” envelope, they will be gummed.

  • The 4Bar envelopes are used for the reply envelope. They are also often used for a thank you card envelope.

Additional information

Weight 0.26 lbs