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If you are seriously considering letterpress printing, there is nothing like actual samples in your hand. Unfortunately, we spend about as much time and energy putting together and mailing out samples as we do actually printing. We are happy to send out samples, but they do cost us time and money to produce. Therefore there is a nominal charge to order samples.  BE SURE TO SELECT “FREE SHIPPING”,  and we’ll mail them to you for no shipping charge. (Free shipping to U.S. addresses)

Our prices are based on print-ready files.  If you don’t have your own artwork, that’s ok!  We can still work with you to design/typeset something nice.  Just tell us what you would like and we’ll see what we can do.  For more designs you can see right now, look at our letterpress samples page (above).

Somerset 300 gm Cotton is our most popular cover stock for wedding invitations and is our #1 recommendation.  It is thick and spongy, which are good qualities for letterpress. We offer it in  Radiant White and  Soft (natural) White.

Lettra is available in both 110 lb and 220 lb (similar to 300 gm and 600 gm). The Fluorescent White is our brightest white. Lettra is also available in Pearl White (slightly off-white) and Ecru (a deeper off-white).

Strathmore 110 lb Wove Cover is a little bit thinner and stiffer, but is more economically priced, and is offered in basically the same 2 colors.

We offer Strathmore envelopes which are a good match to both Strathmore and Somerset stocks. If you choose Lettra cards, matching Lettra envelopes are also available.

If you want the thickest possible invitation, we also offer Somerset 500 gm in Radiant White, Arturo 600 gm Soft White (no deckles), and Lettra 220 lb in 3 shades.

If none of these stocks appeal to you, or you already have picked out your own paper, that’s fine.  We’ll can still help you.  For pricing, just use the Strathmore 110 column to get your cost.

Our most common sizes are listed above, but we can print in practically any size.

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